Most of my time is spent writing, recording and performing my own music.

We've recently recorded a live concert we did for some close family and friends. There will be some videos and recordings from that coming soon, the first in early November.

I have made my recordings available to listen to here. If you want to purchase them, please visit my bandcamp page.

Wild Siren.001.jpeg

Wild Siren ep

An EP we recorded in June 2017.

Jackson Menkedick - Baritone Sax

Ludvig Samuelsson - Alto Sax

John Venkiah - Rhodes

Kristoffer Rostedt - Drums

Pelle Lindsjö - Bass

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jesse Emmoth

Live at Rabbit Hole Studios Cover.jpg

Live at Rabbit Hole Studios

We recently recorded a live concert at Rabbit Hole Studios here in Malmö.

Jackson Menkedick - Baritone Sax

Hannes Bennich - Alto Sax

Gustaf Rosenberg - Piano

Pelle Lindsjö - Bass

Kristoffer Rostedt - Drums

Lise Kroner - Vocals

Sakib Zabbar - Vocals

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Björn Lindberg

We also had some videos from this session, take a look!